junior year recap

Hi my friends!!! So, I just finished my junior year of high school. I have had one of the best years of my life. I wanted to make a couple lists of 11, since I have now completed 11 years of school..!

11 things I’ve learned:

  1. The relationships you have with people are the most important things you can have. A friendship is so valuable.
  2. Quality over Quantity. Always.
  3. You don’t need an boyf or girlf to be happy
  4. But if/when you do have one and they do make you happy, you are pretty lucky.
  5. Having a clean room will make life less chaotic.
  6. You’re attitude determines e v e r y t h i n g
  7. You don’t have to care what other people think, but you should still be nice
  8. Revenge isn’t sweet
  9. Don’t settle for friends, or for anything, do what you can to get what you want
  10. Don’t just sit around, spend time with the people you love doing the things you love.
  11. You grow when you get out of your comfort zone

11 things i would tell ‘will be’ juniors

  1. Don’t be the moocher, no one likes a moocher, it is gonna be okay if you spend a little money
  2. Don’t get stuck in your group, expand your social circle and be friends with as many people as you can
  3. Be your own person, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing or not doing. You do you and you’ll find people who will love you for that
  4. Find hobbies and something to do with your time, go play a sport, go get a job, go do something with your life
  6. The best friends are the ones that make you a better you
  7. Be brave and go for your crush, for example tell their friends you think they’re hot, sometimes it works out to be something pretty great 🙂
  8. Being mature is something you won’t look back on and regret.
  9. Get out and do fun things, go to high school events, but if there’s nothing to do, go and do something no one has never done before.
  10. Be kind to everyone and make an effort to include others, you never know what they are actually going through and how far a little could go. You’ll never regret being kind either
  11. Do not wish away time, ever, ever, ever, you’re never gonna be able to live this year again.

These 22 things are the things that have stood out the most this year, and I hope by sharing I can inspire and help you. It seriously has been one of the best years so far. Being sixteen has been incredible. I am so happy for the moments now, and I hope when I look back I have happy memories.


Until next week!!!



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