my post of gratitude

Today I’m just feeling so grateful for things I have now, will have in the future, and have had in the past. So I thought I’d made a list of 100 things I am most grateful for!! It can’t be that hard right?! I read this talk today and it said something about how if tomorrow you only the things you were grateful for today, and it struck a chord, so here are 100 things I’m so glad I have:

  1. my mom
  2. my dad
  3. my brothers
  4. My best friends, I could name them, but they know who they are ❤
  5. the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  6. pets
  7. high school as a whole
  8. my car
  9. mountains
  10. my camera
  11. my beautiful little city
  12. seat belts
  13. my grandparents
  14. and my cousins
  15. crossing guards
  16. kind strangers of the world who make your day brighter
  17. when your heart pumps to the beat of the music
  18. chick fil a sauce
  19. past, present, and future teachers
  20. wild flowers
  21. dreams and sleep
  22. people who push you do to get through trials
  23. trials
  24. hair products (idk what I’d do without my curl mousse…)
  25. ex boyfriends
  26. ex best friends
  27. pajamas
  28. ice cream
  29. cotton candy dippin’ dot runs
  30. cute love notes from friends
  31. and friends who right those notes
  32. butterflies in your stomach
  33. a place to live and sleep
  34. golf
  35. soccer (boys)
  36. snapchat
  37. a job at the coolest place, my side of town
  38. vacations
  39. flower bouquets
  40. school dances
  41. facetime
  42. running water
  43. electricity
  44. air conditioning
  45. one direction
  46. Spotify premium
  47. showers
  48. young women’s and personal progress program
  49. watercolor
  50. fake calligraphy
  51. furniture
  52. people who tip well (you people deserve the best in life)
  53. elderly people who keep on keepin’ on
  54. BLOGS
  55. temples
  56. pretty cities
  57. airplanes
  58. road trips
  59. in n out
  60. when you can’t stop smiling when you’re texting someone
  61. weekends
  62. my computer
  63. falling asleep with your favorite people
  64. bike riding
  65. things that are so funny you laugh til you either cry or pee, or both hahaha
  66. board games
  67. good books
  68. cupcakes
  69. inside jokes
  70. bubble baths
  71. smoothies
  72. clothes
  73. confidence you get from feeling pretty
  74. girl’s camp
  75. efy
  76. high school sports games where you go to just to sit and talk
  78. hot weather
  79. swimming pools
  80. gorgeous places to hike
  81. boating
  82. police officers
  83. people in the army and navy
  84. sunglasses
  85. shoes
  86. packages when they arrive
  87. missionary mail
  88. froyo
  89. finding someone who likes the same random things as you do
  90. movie nights
  91. the deep deep conversations
  92. young love
  93. old love
  94. love
  95. the value of a friendship
  96. birthdays
  97. holidays
  98. my pet birdie Pete
  99. You, I may not know you, but I’m glad you’re here reading my post
  100. My life as I know it, days are good, days are bad, but I’ll take it all and I’m glad I. can embrace that.

This was honestly hard!!! Like it was hard once I got to like 55, and I was trying to think of things that really mattered and that I was really grateful for. And I could see here and name things for eternity, but I really realized today how lucky I am and how much more aware I should be of these things. I challenge you to look for the things you are grateful for this week! I promise there will be a post next week, and also I have another video I’m about done with that I’ll put up as soon as I’m done. And watch the photo tab for pictures coming within the week!! I hope you have a great week and thank you so so so so much for reading.



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