what’s in my backpack?

happy monday!!!! I hope your easter was super great!!! And I hope you’re ready for this upcoming week!! Today I wanted to do a what’s in my bag, backpack style, so here are 14 things in my backpack I wanna tell you about!! And this is pretty basic, cause who wants to haul around all that extra stuff… (and I tried a flat lay, are you proud of me?!!)hereitis.jpg

  1. This is just a simple 3 ring binder!! I keep all my papers from class organized into folders! I started just putting papers in my backpack, like not in the folder, and I need to do better at actually putting them away…. hahaha
  2. This is a planner!! I use it sometimes, I’ll go two weeks where I use it everyday and then two weeks where I won’t even touch it. I like this planner because it has room to write everyday, and it also has monthly calendars so I can scribble in due dates and such.
  3. My iPhone and my earbuds!! (my phone screen is so sad…) not much to say here, but you gotta have your music and your phone, you feel??
  4. These are my car keys!! It’s really been nice to have them on a lanyard with a big ol’ fluff ball so I can find them easily in my backpack!!
  6. I have a key chain with a flash drive and two keys, which to be totally honest with you, I don’t know what they are for….
  7. Chapstick, Mascara, and Lip gloss. Just three of the most essential beauty essentials.
  8. Look how cute my water bottle is!!! It was $10 at target like a week ago and I have been so motivated by my cute water bottle that I have gotten all 64 oz of water in everyday the last 4 days!!!
  9. Extra charger cause it’s a must
  10. This is a cute lil’ compact mirror for those emergencies hahaha
  11. My collection of brushes, pencils, highlighters, markers, felt pens, I try to keep as many pencils as I can handy cause I having to ask someone to borrow a pencil every class period…
  12. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks!!! I keep getting all his books confused cause I’ve read like 5 or 6 of them in the last 7 months or so hahaha but I really am liking this one!!!
  13. My portable charger!! LIFE SAVER
  14. This is just a little pencil case to hold all my pencils and such haha I always have little scissors and glue too, just in case…!!!

I only have 6 weeks left of school this year, and I’m so excited for summer!! It’s actually my favorite time of year. And this is my last real summer, so I am ready to go live it up, but for now here’s goodbye from me and my now organized backpack as I finish up my homework……. thanks for reading!!!




HELLO!! I haven’t written in what feels like forever!! And today I had a post about the best things in life, but instead I wanted to post a video I just finished!! It’s short and low key but when I look back through my posts I wanna watch it! (so two video posts in a row!!) Sidenote: Can I just tell you how amazing my friends are?! We.re missing two of them in the video, and I don’t mean to brag, but wow I am blessed with the best.

Preference is a dance at my school, it’s girls choice and church dress (lol welcome to Utah) so we usually do day dates, but half of my group runs track and they had a meet Saturday morning so that didn’t work out, but those who weren’t running (or working a 7 hour shift like me) went and watched the others run! Then I think they went to lunch and then they all went home. At like 6ish I went and picked up my date and we drove out to a pasture for pictures!! That’s what most of the video is of!! Hahahawearedysfunctionalhaha….. After pictures we went and had Pasta Factory for dinner!! And us gentle-ladies let the boys go first!! Impressive, amiright?! We hung out there until we left for the dance! And I gotta ask, @all the DJs out there, ¬†why you gotta mix up the songs RIGHT BEFORE the bass drops??? Me and my friends just ended up looking awkward cause we’d catch on to one beat and then all the sudden it would change… hmmm.. But you know, we made it work! Hahaha or tried to!!! After the dance we all ended up snuggling up with each other in my friends truck. High school is so great. HAHAH so there’s that. And here’s this! My cute video with my cute friends!

hope you enjoyed!!! talk to ya next week!