february favorites

YAY what a trendy post to do! This is a classic blog post and I’m soo excited.. so let’s get right into it.

I have five things that were MAJOR necessities this February and I want to share them with you!!

#1 My favorite makeup item is the e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil I had gone to target and didn’t know what to get to replace my powder I used to fill in my brows, and there it was lit up on the elf shelf, and since it only cost $2 I thought I’d get it. AND MY OH MY I LOVE IT. It’s strokes are thin enough to where it looks natural to fill my brows in, and the color goes so well with my brow color. This is a new statement piece in my own makeup collection.

#2 WALMART’S COCONUT WAVE SODA. Ohhhhh myyyy this stuff if is liquid blue gold. I am obsessed. It makes my day soo much brighter to have this tasty drink, I’m obsessed. AND it’s only .99¢ !! And if you’re the kinda person that likes cream in your soda, this is the best one!!!!

#3 Iphone Camera Lenses!! These were also very cheap from Wish.com and I think it was $2 including shipping. These have honestly been so fun and I’ve had some dope pictures as a result. They fit really well over my case on my iphone 6. There’s 3 lenses, my favorite one is the macro, I can zoom in soo close and see things at a different view.

#4 Nicholas Spark’s shabangles of books. I’m not really a reader, I am if I can find a book that I can fall into, and I definitely have with his books. Between The Notebook, The Wedding, Dear John, and Safe Haven that I have read since the year started, this has been key to my February!

#5 My Fitbit!! I have the Alta Model in black, and this is the first big thing I’ve bought with my own money. And I love it!! I love that it’s not something I could get distracted with, but it still does it’s job. I either love or hate seeing the graph of how many steps I took hahaha

So there’s that!! My first Favorite Posts!!!!!! I think I’m gonna try and do them every other month…. that would be good…..




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