viva las vegas

Hi all!! SO this last week was my spring break!! (I only have one more at home…!!) My family went to Vegas for a couple of days to just hang out!! And the weather was sooo gorgeous. We stayed in a really nice hotel with gorgeous views and we just tried to stay busy the whole time we were there!! I already have pics up on the photos tab, but for this post, I just wanted to share the video I made!! This was my first time making a video and also first time using iMovie!! But I think it turned out cute, and it made me soooo excited for things I’m gonna be able to do in the future.

Here’s my vid 🙂

Whenever I go to Vegas I come back grateful for the city I live in and the people in my community!! It’s crazy walking along the strip how many different people there were, and it was crazy to me that they were all there from different places and for different reasons. It’s a busy world and an especially busy city.

My favorite part of the trip was just walking the strip and going into the different stores and hotels, the movie at the m&m world is always a must, and sampling the floats and international soda is something my fam doesn’t skip. It was so fun to get outta town for a couples days! ANYWAYS

Thanks for reading!!



a picture a week, a video a day

HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! This week is spring break and it is MUCH needed. I’m soooooo stoked. I get to go visit Las Vegas (look out for next Monday’s post!). This post is gonna be way low key though, cause I’m just on my way, but as I’m sitting there, I’m thinking of all the random days I don’t remember!! I’m not really sad about it, I’m just thinking about how that’s how it is. And then I think of the memories that stand out a lot, and the ones that do come to mind are either really important things that happened, or they’re something that happened that I have pictures of. When you have pictures of something you reflect and remember; as often as you see the photo. I want to remember more and as I do that, I want to do more things that are worth remembering. So it is my goal to do just that.

My goal is to take one picture every week on my DSLR of something worth remembering and to take a one second video every. single. day. I’m gonna use one of those apps for this, but I gotta stick with it!! Soooooo if you wanna try with me here’s a list of ideas for the next 52 weeks of photos! (ahahaha printable!!! cross em off!!!) 52thingstophotograph

***Also the app I have is 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary and I love it. Download it. Use it. It’s super nice cause it reminds you to take a video during the day (much needed..)

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading!!! SEE YA NEXT WEEK!!


february favorites

YAY what a trendy post to do! This is a classic blog post and I’m soo excited.. so let’s get right into it.

I have five things that were MAJOR necessities this February and I want to share them with you!!

#1 My favorite makeup item is the e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil I had gone to target and didn’t know what to get to replace my powder I used to fill in my brows, and there it was lit up on the elf shelf, and since it only cost $2 I thought I’d get it. AND MY OH MY I LOVE IT. It’s strokes are thin enough to where it looks natural to fill my brows in, and the color goes so well with my brow color. This is a new statement piece in my own makeup collection.

#2 WALMART’S COCONUT WAVE SODA. Ohhhhh myyyy this stuff if is liquid blue gold. I am obsessed. It makes my day soo much brighter to have this tasty drink, I’m obsessed. AND it’s only .99¢ !! And if you’re the kinda person that likes cream in your soda, this is the best one!!!!

#3 Iphone Camera Lenses!! These were also very cheap from and I think it was $2 including shipping. These have honestly been so fun and I’ve had some dope pictures as a result. They fit really well over my case on my iphone 6. There’s 3 lenses, my favorite one is the macro, I can zoom in soo close and see things at a different view.

#4 Nicholas Spark’s shabangles of books. I’m not really a reader, I am if I can find a book that I can fall into, and I definitely have with his books. Between The Notebook, The Wedding, Dear John, and Safe Haven that I have read since the year started, this has been key to my February!

#5 My Fitbit!! I have the Alta Model in black, and this is the first big thing I’ve bought with my own money. And I love it!! I love that it’s not something I could get distracted with, but it still does it’s job. I either love or hate seeing the graph of how many steps I took hahaha

So there’s that!! My first Favorite Posts!!!!!! I think I’m gonna try and do them every other month…. that would be good…..